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Mr. Garofalo was born in Torre del Greco on January 16th, 1941. After the high school he attended the art institute school where he learned the basic technique to carve and to paint. During the school education he already felt the inspiration for carving and at the age of 14 he started to carve his first piece. Mr. Garofalo was always looking for innovation of his art, in fact when everybody else continuing the classical style of carving he introduced in 1969 a modern style with double face women, new and soft drape instead of the classical style of dress, free and modern hairstyle and so on. All these important and personal innovation becomes time matter of technique and study for everybody so we say that Mr. Gennaro Garofalo is the promoter of a new and charming carving style. His character sweet and resolute is readable from his cameos and although he is the highest expression of the cameo carving in Torre del Greco he is very modest. Besides his great passion for the cameos he is also a good painter, to which he apply himself in his spare time even if it is quite limited .The love for his wife and his three children gives him the right quietness that he needs to concentrate on his work.

カメオペンダントの写真 code_NCD

  • 商品番号 : GG-68
  • 18金枠付き デザイナーズ ペンダント
  • ルースサイズ : 縦25mm 横20mm
  • 製品サイズ:縦29mm 横23mm(バチカン部分は含まないサイズ)
  • カメオ素材 : 貝(サードニクス)
  • カメオ彫刻家 : 巨匠 ジェンナーロ・ガロファロ氏
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